DuProcess® Prosecutor

With a solid foundation of data elements DuProcess® Prosecution Management provides an imaging interface for scanning documents, workflow management, evidence tracking, appeals maintenance, and case file tracking. Cases initiated by the Courts are captured and electronically integrated to DuProcess® through an interface process within the Prosecution Case Management System. Users receive defendant name, case, charges, bail information, and events into a verification file to match against existing records in DuProcess® and then load into the system. Prosecutorial Informations are filed electronically by integrating case and charge data to user defined template forms. This user-friendly document management process merges data elements in DuProcess® to standard Microsoft documents and then makes them available for filing into the imaging database and for distribution to authorized application users. The moment costs are assigned to your case you can track all the details through DuProcess® Prosecution Case Management. Each cost is assigned to an agency and tracks the date it was incurred, the type of cost, amount and when it was billed to the County or Court. Management Reports track prosecution workload, compliance requirements, event listings, status activities for departments, and criminal histories for defendants.


Person Details
Name elements are created and stored in the Case Management System under Person Details. The screen is divided into data storage sections for vital person data, address histories, military service, detention, family information, financial information, physical attributes, school history, and medical information.

Critical Dates
A Critical Date is a user-defined date of importance for tracking what is going on with a case. There are both Pre-Trial and Post-Trial Critical Dates available for recording what transpires up to a Trial action and what happens after the Trial has been held.

Compliance Monitoring
Compliance Monitoring in DuProcess® allows the creation and tracking of time sensitive activities. Court personnel use Compliance Monitoring to create and track Work Orders for Pre-Trial, Trial, and Post-Trial case requirements. ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Tracking). The ARD screen tracks pre-trial dispositions for accelerated rehabilitation (also known as pre-trial intervention). For each ARD disposition set on a case the conditions for that sentence track the length of the sentence, service hours involved, suspension for driver’s license, and restitution due.

Event Scheduling
The Court Event Module lists the court dates assigned to a case for a defendant. The Event Scheduling list provides access to create a new court event, update, or delete an existing court event to a case.

Document Management
The DuProcess® Document Management allows users to create Word Template documents and associate them as forms into the Case Management System. The template forms are typed into Microsoft Word and saved as a template.

Evidence Maintenance
The Evidence screen tracks each piece of evidence that has been entered on a case. The evidence record tracks the date it was entered, the numbers assigned to the evidence including the lab number and exhibit number, and what type of evidence it is.

The Security Module allows the entry of new users, definition of security roles, and reports on user security. From the list menu at the top of the form, options are provided for users (adding, updating, deleting, and inquiry on user ID's), security roles (establishment of access and function security for a role), and reports (administrative review of security).