DuProcess® Criminal

DuProcess® Criminal Case Management is not just an offender tracking tool, it is a complete criminal processing system. The range of functionality and features of DuProcess® Criminal Case Management provide you with the ability to manage your criminal cases from initiation through post disposition in accordance with your unique rules and requirements while simultaneously assuring you are in compliance with mandated reporting requirements.

If you’ve ever been in the position of having to add numerous counts to a case for the same charge then you understand the importance of convenience. Being able to duplicate charges 2, 3 4, or 100 times in a single step when necessary can save hours of tedious work. This same ease of initiating charges can be applied in disposing of charges. Each charge is tracked at the initial phase, prosecutor phase and court phase. Never lose the historical information of how a charge originated or if the defendant pleas to a lesser offense.

Track pre-trial supervision, drug court supervision, probation, scheduling of court sessions, appointments for supervision, urinalysis results.

Track warrants, bonds, fines due, court dates scheduled easily on defendants. Receive notifications of outstanding warrant when applying payments. Set up alerts to remind yourself or any other person on the system of specific time sensitive case activity due.

Flag individuals having paid with worthless checks to provide notification at subsequent transactions . Identify judge, attorney conflicts and avoid assignment. Combine and consolidate case histories to a single defendant record for more concise and efficient records.

All this and much more is available to you with DuProcess® Criminal Court Case Management System.